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Have you been spending hours in the practice room learning chord voicings and different inversions, but struggle when it comes time to take these chords to tunes and common progressions?

Are you tired of leafing through big chord dictionaries only to find that they don’t help you apply the shapes to actual music once you get them under your fingers?

If you are in this situation, or are simply looking to increase your ability to play jazz guitar chord progressions, then the Matt Warnock Guitar 251 App is just the thing to get your guitar chord playing to the next level.

With fun and easy to follow material designed to help you increase your ability to comp common chord progressions and tunes on the guitar, the Matt Warnock Guitar 251 Chord App is a chord dictionary and voice leading textbook all in your pocket, without the heavy reading or hours spent sifting through books and articles to find the chords you need.

The Matt Warnock Guitar 251 Chord App lets you build custom 251 chord progressions in major and minor keys all at the touch of a button.

You can customize each 251 with the following options, giving you countless new 251 chord progressions in major and minor keys to explore in the practice room and take out on the bandstand.

Every progression is presented with proper voice leading, which minimizes hand movement on the fretboard, making it easy to to move from chord to chord as you bring these voicings to your favorite changes and tunes.

251 Chord Generator Options Include

•Drop 2, Drop 3 or Drop 2 & 4 Chords
•Multiple strings sets and fretboard positions to provide countless options for each 251 on the guitar
•iim7, iim9 or iim7b5 Chords
•V7,V9, V7b9, V7#9, V7b5, V7#5, V7b9b5, V7b9#5, V7#9b5 and V7#9#5 Chords
•Imaj7, I6, IMaj9, Im7, Im9, Im6, ImMaj7 Chords
•Random Chord Generator for fun and challenging practice routines
•Left or Right-Handed Fretboards
•Multiple Rhythms for Playback and Adjustable Metronome Allowing You to Practice Along with Each Progression in Real Time and with Common Comping Patterns

Alongside the 251 Chord Generator, the app includes a chord dictionary where you can explore specific chords outside of a 251 progression to further enhance your jazz guitar learning experience, and there is a Practice Tips section that lays out fun and productive ways to get the most out of this app in the woodshed.

The Matt Warnock Guitar 251 App is not only a reference tool, but it will help teach you proper and easy ways to voice lead 251 chord progressions with any chord variations you can think of on the fretboard.

By Leafcutter Studios Ltd

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