1. Parchis HD lite By Ferran Quiles

Try the lite version of Parchis HD before buy it! You can play with the computer (1 vs 1) in this lite version.

Buy “Parchis HD” version to get…
– New dice algorithm. Super random.
– New “Team game”. 2 vs 2.
– New menu design.
– Improvements on the board.
– … and other cool improvements.

2. Ludo Deluxe By SPIL GAMES

Use the newest technology to take a walk down memory lane: play Ludo Deluxe on your iPad! Ludo Deluxe—a cool new release for the Apple iPad—is taking board games to a whole new level. The game board is designed to be playable at all angles. Just place your iPad in the middle of the players and gather round for a fun, super-strategic gaming experience!

3. Ludo – Board Game Club HD By playfrog

Ludo,sa very classic board games for ipad touches, is the most popular board game in the west county. It will definitely bring you’re the most fun, it is a game for all age levels, and it is the best choice for time killing.
The object of the game is to move the four tokens to the final allocated position before your opponent can do likewise the player. Shake the dice.

4. Fluke HD By Local Aliens LLC

Rediscover the joy of board games on the iPad with Fluke HD. Download this visually vibrant and action filled game today to play with your friends, family, or loved ones. Fluke HD represents a digital twist on the board game genre with gameplay in the vein of classics such as Snakes & Ladders, Sorry! and Ludo.

5. LUDO board game by By SIS software

Ludo board game is a result of evolution to the well known ancient game Ludo (latin: I play)! iPad is very impressive device and it took board game experience to the next level. We all played Ludo as kids. Ludo board game has very simple concept so it is suitable for kids from 4 to 99 years. You can play single against computer intelligence or mix computers vs humans to add extra fun that this game offer when played in 4 players.

6.  Online Ludo HD By Imperia Online LTD

It’s turn-based board game for 2-4 people. Now you can play not only with your friends, but with thousands of other REAL PLAYERS ONLINE. OVER 500 OPPONENTS ONLINE 24/7 Once you are logged into the game you can choose your username and avatar. Tapping the “Connect to Server” button you will be instantly connected with a four random opponents to play. Each player receives four pawns with the same color: Green, Red, Blue or Yellow. It’s given by the order that you join the room.

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