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Like a CD Player is very easy to understand!
It is music player of iTunes & music files (mp3, mp4, m4a, wav).

Recommended for people like this!
● For playing a song that you do not want to put in iTunes. (Music file)
● For those who are impatient and want to listen by fast-forwarding. (Playback speed)
● When you want to learn a song. (Playback range)

【Main Function】
● Background playback
● Playlist (unlimited)
● Lyrics display
● Repeat (all songs / 1 song)
● Shuffle
● Fast-forwarding for seconds
● Playback speed change (0.5-3.0 times speed)
● Playback range (background unsupported)
● Playback position memory
● Song information edit (artwork, song name, artist, lyrics etc.)
● Full screen playback (5 seconds leaving)
● AirDrop
● Control center / Lock screen support

● Music file support (mp3, mp4, m4a, wav)
※ You can play music file that you shared by file (iOS11-)!

※ We do not support downloading of music file.
※ Some songs purchased on iTunes Store cannot be played.

【About Reporting a Problem】
In order to identify the cause and respond quickly, please report as specific as possible, such as the device name, iOS, the condition under which the problem occurred, and symptoms.

Thank you for your continued support for Like a CD.

By whitez

Download from Itunes

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