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Lightspeed– 432Hz Music Player.
Retuned/Refiltered, to the ***REAL Musical Tuning*** in music.
(The best music player on planet earth. …The only good one, in fact.)

Info / 432Hz:
432Hz Tuning has a high, light-ening, harmonious, wondrous effect on consciousness.
If you’re into music or love music at all, you’ll find it’s the only way to listen to music.

[While 440Hz on the other hand, the current standard tuning since the 40s, is dissonant and more like a “worker” consciousness, left- brained, more like people going to work in the drone and daze and [email protected]#$-headed drunkenness… You’d never want to listen to 440Hz. …It’s like cheesy “power music”, or too depressing, if you knew. ]

– 432 is healing and like medicine!
Like getting “high”, even.
(Enjoy it with a smoke or a cry.)

– Comes in a standard Music Player, like an iPod.

For clear screenshots, please check out:
(Also the support/marketing URL, clickable)

By Andrew Kazmierski

Download from Itunes

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