Introducing a monitor that will transform how you look at your computer. Shockingly vibrant colors and contrast from state-of-the-art LED backlighting. Smart innovations that bring online videos to life. Movies in Full HD on a monitor so slim, you might forget it’s there. Get the most out of what you love online and on your computer.


1. LG Flatron E2290 by Cnet

The LG Flatron E2290 looks beautiful and includes basic monitor features; however, for its price we expected something more than a pretty face.  The best thing about the LG Flatron E2290 in our view is its aesthetic quality; however, that opinion isn’t meant to diminish the value of the monitor’s other features. The E2290 just looks that damn good. It has the thinnest profile of any monitor we’ve yet reviewed, a metallic chrome finish, and a unique-looking boxy foot stand with a reflective front juxtaposed with a thin metallic neck. Furthermore, it has a solidly designed OSD and a useful assortment of connections, and its performance, though not the best we’ve seen, is still great compared with other similar monitors.


  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Part Number:E2290V

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