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Learn to Fight – Self Defence 3D covers every aspect of combat fight self defence training. Every issue is packed with different 3D animations of punches, kicks, Block, Elbow, head butt and more… all focused on making you fitter, faster, stronger, better in fight.

Kicks in Head/Chest:
Kick 1 – Reverse Flying Hook Kick
Kick 2 – Full stretched kick to head
Kick 3 – Spinning Round Kick in Head
Kick 4 – Mid Round Kick to Guts
Kick 5 – High Round Kick in Head
Kick 6 – Right Uppercut Knee in Ribs
Kick 7 – Spin Hook Kick in Head
Kick 8 – Mid Round Kick in Guts
Kick 9 – Push Kick to Chest

Head in Chest/Head
Head – Headbutt in Head or Chest
Punches in Head/Guts/Chest:
Punch 1 – Right Straight Punch to Head
Punch 2 – Left Short Punch
Punch 3 – Full Right Arm stretch punch on head
Punch 4 – Right Uppercut Punch to Stomach
Punch 5 – Left Uppercut Punch to Head

Elbows in Head:
Elbow 1 – Right Hook Elbow to head
Elbow 2 – Right Reverse Elbow to head
Blocks/Defense to Protect Head & Chest
Block 1 – Front high center block to protect Head
Block 2 – Front Mid Centre to protect Chest

Combo 3D Animations
User can make his/her own combination of shots With Combo 3D Animation including combination of different animations. User can select 5 animations of his/her choice and play.

How Guide Works:
1- Can view action in slow and fast motion by setting animation bar at left
2- Can Zoom in & Zoom Out Character according to your comfort
3- View Character 3D animation in complete 360 degrees
4- Make your own combination of fight actions in Combo section

By Nasir Butt

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