California, mobile slinger is a development business fully focusing on simplifying the work of every day routines. Their fresh release kick timer 1.1 is an amazing example of slinger method to generating efficient solution for general tasks.

No parking tickets or looking for multiple applications, when kick timer count time does it all by saving you important money, time, and aggravation at the knock of your screen. With five quick and simple to set daily and weekly reminder, Street clearing, parking meter, Trash and recycle day, and dryer and washer.  Time remains for no one. Simply and easily your life and take control by generating reminders to delete you vehicle, avoiding tickets and taking towed, get your recyclables and trash out, and pick up your cloths laundry before it gets wrinkled or smelly. Many big cities only permit parking on one side of the road that is for snow delete or cleaning and vehicles are usually required to leave by the early morning hours. Iphone application kick timer support you there.

Key characteristics

  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Repeating alerts
  • Attractive, sleek and interface
  • Five general reminders timers’ user use often
  • Easy adding of messages & timers
  • Alarms
  • Separate alarms for Recycle days and Trashes
  • Simply view list of fully active alarms
  • Attach image to “No parking” alarm
  • Repeating alarms
  • Free updates
  • No internet connection needed to get alerts
  • Simply check remaining time on timers
  • Timer is a free application

Why kick timer is best than other applications

  • Great design
  • Super easy
  • It’s free
  • It has five timers in one application
  • Very fast- set the washer or meter or dryer timer in six seconds
  • You can also set multiple timers
  • Slider to adjust messages before time runs out
  • Avoid costly tickets
  • Fast check remaining time
  • Parking timer-Quick simple to set timer

Recycle day & Trash

  • Setup multiple reminders for the night or day before
  • Set more then 1 reminder (day of or night before)
  • Separate reminders for recycle and trash, in case you have several days
  • Easy to set repeat days and weekly reminders

Dryer & washer

  • Fast easy to set timer
  • Instant messages your dryer or washer is finished
  • Sliders to adjust messages before time runs out
  • Quick check remaining timer


Kicker timer is a totally free application, programmers and developers already have plans in the process to submit updates including more best parking features and timer, in the recent days

Device requirements

  • 2.2 MB
  • IPad, Iphone, and ipod touch
  • Requires IOS 4.0 or later
  • Availability and pricing

Iphone application kick timer is a free and easily available worldwide exclusively through online application store.

Mobile slinger is an American software development business that fully focuses on developing useful and fun applications for the cell market. Future plan includes working on tools and forums to support other developers generate and market their own application product and business.


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