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Imagine a calculator that leaves all of your calculations visible and at your fingertips, never having to wonder if you typed in the correct numbers, and never again having to write down results as you start a new calculation.

Only 1.9 MB

jCalc Features:

• Drag down the display and scroll through your calculation history.
• Use in portrait and landscape mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
• Split view mode in landscape allows you to view your history as you calculate.
• Enter and convert between fractions, decimals and mixed numbers.
• Copy and paste calculations into your notes, texts and e-mails.
• jCalc follows order of operations—multiplication and division before addition and subtraction.
• The percent button works great for sales, taxes and tips.
• Five unique themes.

Thank you for taking an interest in jCalc. May it make your life ginormously easier.

Happy Calculating!

By Jon Ericksen

Download from Itunes

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