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iWritingPad is able to deliver the same iPad user experience to users on computer PC including Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. The iPad’s touch screen gestures as remote mouse and handwriting recognition keyboard operate computer PC / Home Theatre PC (HTPC). While you are sitting on big screen of living room, hotel room or classroom environment, iWritingPad provides you with relaxed and convenient experience to browse internet. It is a “MUST-HAVE” tool for businessman and classroom teacher.

Handwriting and Voice Speech Recognition Function
– native iPad / iPhone’s multi-language handwriting / Voice spoken sentences support as your input device to Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Apple desktops with OS X 10.6 or later and Linux from Ubuntu, Debian and Raspbian.

Mouse controlled by multi-touches gesture
– “1 finger moves” means MOUSE MOVE,
– “1 finger taps” means LEFT MOUSE CLICK,
– “2 fingers tap” means RIGHT MOUSE CLICK,
– “2 fingers drag” means MOUSE WHEEL SCROLLING,
– “1 finger holds and moves” means DRAG & DROP,
– “2 fingers pinch gesture” means MINIMISE WINDOWS,
– “2 fingers spread gesture” means MAXIMISE WINDOWS,
– “3 fingers drag” means MOVING WINDOWS,
– able to use mouse functions across multiple monitors of PC.

Keyboard Functions
– “Basic Keyboard” function provides handwriting and voice spoken to input the whole sentence and send to PC in one go. In-App purchase offers additional Accessory keys including Command and Option keys for Mac OS X, Windows and Alternate keys for Microsoft Windows, Super and Alternate keys for Linux and Volume control.
– Support Emoji symbols.
– “Real Keyboard” function provides direct typing at PC. In-App purchase offers additional Function keys (F1-F12), Editing control keys (Cut & Paste), iTunes controls (Apple OS X) or Media Player controls (Microsoft Windows), Rhythmbox Music Player (Default player for Linux), Speaker Volume control.

Universal app
– works for both iPad and iPhone. Single purchase will let you have iWritingPad on both iPad and iPhone capable to connect to all Mac, Windows and Linux.

Please visit us at for more detail information and live demo video.

iWritingPad Desktop Installation
It requires to install iWritingPad desktop client program on your Windows / Apple Mac OS X / Linux which can be downloaded, together with video tutorial for installation, at

These desktops are required to connect to the network same as iPad / iPhone.

For details, go to Or, the iWritingPad client desktop programs can also be downloaded from the links below directly. Follow the video tutorials for such installation.

Microsoft Windows desktop and video tutorial

Mac desktop and video tutorial

Ubuntu desktop and video tutorial

For Debian desktop and video tutorial

Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) desktop and video tutorial

Bluetooth connection
For those Apple Mac desktops, bluetooth connection is recommended to ensure data communication between desktops and iPad/iPhone. Please refer to desktop installation for Mac OS X at

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