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iWriteMath 30P is an interactive math workbook based on the Pre-Calculus Mathematics 12 and Math 30-1 for WNCP.
This app offers a rich user interface with writing, drawing highlighting and even an integrated dynamic formula builder.

The Pre-Calculus Mathematics 12, (Math 30-2) Workbook is a complete resource and a 100% fit for the combined Western and Northern Canadian mathematics curriculum. In addition, there is some enrichment material which can be completed individually or in groups. There are ten curricular units. Each curricular unit is subdivided into individual lessons. The last lesson in each unit is a practice test containing 15 multiple choice questions, 5 numeric response questions, and 1 extended response question. Most lessons can be covered in one hour (plus homework time), but some may require more time to complete. Most lessons are composed of four parts:

Investigations, Explorations, or Review

which include inquiry based learning that can be teacher led, student led, or a combination of both.

Class Examples

which are applications of the investigations, explorations or review.


which include short response, extended response, multiple choice, and numeric response questions provided for student practice.

Answer Key

which contains the answers to the assignment questions.

By Absolute Value Publications

Download from Itunes

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