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Do you want to pick favorite expressions out as you browse webpages or ebooks and store them in your notes directly? Do you want to edit a shared text between your computer and iPhone any time creative inspirations strike? That’s easy with iText Pad!

iText Pad is a powerful and versatile Text Editor having lots of nice features, available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iText Pad combines practicality with portability – that is what a Writer’s Workshop should be.

With iText Pad, you have all the power you expect from a full-featured multipurpose text editing program – writing and editing several text documents at a time, saving each file hierarchically in your memory, exchanging them between iPhone devices and a Mac, PC. You can email an editing text instantly, and preview webpages, ebooks, and downloaded files directly in iText Pad to utilize their texts. iText Pad also allows you to use the Dropbox or the Evernote directly online, and supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion.

We sincerely hope iText Pad will serve you well, being a good friend for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. With iText Pad, enjoy writing flexibly anytime, anywhere!


Download from Itunes

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