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Update May 25th – Our community are growing exceptionally! YOU are alot that iSingAlone 🙂 We will have to push some features early at your request. Keep singing you heart out. Soon it will be worth it.. //iSingAlone TEAM

** “I never had so much fun before and I suck at singing!” ** – Beta User of iSingAlone

** “So much fun! Sure, it’s new and have missing functionality, but I will aim to become the best when the leader board function is up and running!” ** – Beta User of iSingAlone

Do you singalong to the tunes on the radio, spotify or on your ipod library ?
Do you sing in the car ?
Do you sing while doing your dishes ?
Would you like to hear what’s around you when listening to music AND running, cycling etc ?

iSingAlone does that and more!

– Spotify Support
– Your Ipod library music support
– record your songs
– share your songs
– view how you are singing
– view how your favourite artist are singing
– record your own voice to a song and share to your friends !
Coming soon:
– SCORES – will you do better than your friends ?
– AUDITIONS – enter an audition and get rewarded if you do well ! Vote on others recordings !
– LYRICS – use free legal services for searching and displaying lyrics. YOu will also be able to add/change with your own lyrics.

By Xenovate AB

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