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Fully automated digital self-service is the new normal for all citizen or customer service. Yet in high-risk transactions, digital channels create valuable opportunities for identity theft and financial crime.

iProov answers the following question: When you can’t trust your digital user’s intentions, their personal device, or their network, how can you still trust that the right user is genuinely present when making a digital transaction?

This app makes use of iProov’s cloud-hosted authentication and genuine presence verification technology. Our face verification solution offers national grade security with a quick and frictionless user journey. iProov is an interoperable, cross-platform solution that works on any device with a screen and front-facing camera.

This app demonstrates the user-interface of iProov’s patented Flashmark technology. After the countdown, the screen will flash for 2.5 seconds with a unique sequence of colours that illuminate the user’s face. The cues provided from this interaction are sent to our remote servers, where a series of highly sophisticated checks verify the user’s identity and genuine presence. iProov’s world-class anti-spoofing technology is effective against all known identity spoofing attack vectors, including replays, replicas and synthetic videos. Our security model assumes the device and application have been compromised, and we can assure the user’s genuine presence even in this zero-trust environment.

Disclaimer: This app has been optimised for UX. If you’re interested in security testing or integrating iProov into your service, we will be happy to support you. Please contact us at [email protected]

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