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iLevator brings you a magnificent selection of elevator music to suit your
elevator riding needs. The soothing sounds of piano and other acoustic
songs are specially picked for this app. There are 8 tracks to choose from,
every one about 2 minutes in length, so there are no annoying short samples!
Use the alarmbell for a good scare, or for plain annoyance.

Using this app will make you realise plain elevators without music have no future. So if there should be any music, this is the app to use! Not just usable in elevators, but boring waiting rooms, cafeteria’s, dentist offices, even standing in line at the DMV will be a breeze with the relaxing tunes of iLevator.

“I was pleasantly surprised how iLevator turned me and my co-workers daily elevator ride into a time of relaxation and fun.” – Barry

“I turned on iLevator in my kids room, as a nighttime music, and they were fast asleep with a big smile on their faces just moments later.” – Julie

“I could see people with toothaches start to smile when I turned on iLevator at my
dentists office waiting room.” – Hank

By Supportware

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