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iEmcee is a client app for the eSign Emcee document presentation, electronic signature collection and verification solution. eSign Emcee allows your important business documents to be signed anywhere, at any time – in-office, in-field, or online. This app allows users to sign documents in an eSign Emcee signing ceremony directly on the iPad/iPhone.

Developed for applications that range from simple documents with a single signature to recurring transactions that must follow a complex workflow dictated by compliance and regulatory standards – such as account openings and loan applications – eSign Emcee provides the advanced online tools needed to design, present, and verify critical esigning processes.

Electronically signing documents using iEmcee improves productivity by enabling users to sign at their convenience, while still providing signatures that are legal, protected, and verifiable by eSign Emcee or other PDF viewers such as the free Adobe® Reader® application.

By Topaz Systems Inc.

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