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You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy iDrawPad for iPhone the ultimate app for both professional and hobby painters to create beautiful drawings.

Create your masterpiece using a variety of useful features:

– use an intuitive and simple interface
– showcase your drawings using the gallery
– pick up where you left off to complete your artwork
– choose the perfect color using a variety of included colors or create your personal palette with the color picker
– use the best tool for the job: pencil, brush, crayon, or bucket, all non-distinguishable from the real thing
– choose from a selection of stickers with sounds to create a brand new effect and interactivity not possible on paper
– enhance your drawing by picking your background as a professional texture, solid color or choose your own from your photo library or camera
– fix your missteps with the eraser, undo or redo buttons

After creating your masterpiece you can share it with friends and family:

– save it to your photo library so you can show and share it later
– post it to Facebook so you can share it with close ones, like your family and friends
– email it to share it with others
– print it or give a real paper copy of your drawing or frame it and put it on your wall
– tweet it on Twitter so you can share it with your followers and the entire world


Download from Itunes

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