The best way to improve a website is to ask its users what should be changed. Unfortunately many webmasters underestimate the significance of customers feedback. Setting up standard contact forms does not seem to be an efficient means of communication with users as they can never know whether their complains or recommendations have been heard.

Idea Informer ( is a new solution that makes website users sure that all their suggestions are taken into consideration. It’s an up-to-date tool to gather productive feedback in order to improve a website and develop communication with the customers. Idea Informer is a free platform where users can express what they like or dislike about a website. While some users propose specific solutions on how to improve a website, others can vote for ideas they like most thus moving such suggestions to the top of the list. Thereby a webmaster can always see what the majority really lacks and wants to have changed.

Idea Informer does not only let users express their concerns but also provides the means for bilateral discussion. Webmasters can give official responses on the suggested points informing the users what ideas will be implemented in the nearest future and making them believe that they are taken seriously.

In order to use Idea Informer service one needs to install an interactive widget on a website; the widget size and design can be customized it order to match the basic website design perfectly.

You may find some similar services on the web; however unlike all the other competitors Idea Informer provides a feedback system that is absolutely free of charge.

At the moment more than 20,000 projects are functioning within the Russian version, which is, and their number is constantly increasing. It future the project team is going to work on other localizations.

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