So, you have a nice shiny DVD with your favorite movie, and your dog chews it to pieces. If only you had ripped that movie to a file that you could burn to a new DVD, or play on your favorite media player. In this video tutorial I show those of you outside of the United States*** how to do this in Linux.

First we need to install several libraries, including libdvdcss2 (for help installing this see my previous video here). Then we install a DVD ripper (I chose Thoggen because it is quick and easy). And that’s it, you can rip away to your heart’s content!


The DVD ripping program I chose was Thoggen for its ease of use and simplicity. It automatically rips the DVD to .OGM (Ogg media) format. VLC and other media players should be able to play this without a problem, but if you need help installing codecs install ffmpeg (see my video here where I explain it) as it contains a whole codec library. Other DVD ripping programs can save to other formats, so feel free to install and use the ripper of your choice.

***In the United States it is illegal to break the encryption on encrypted DVDs. It violates the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), specifically the anti-circumvention provisions. So while copying your DVDs and keeping a copy can be considered fair use, the act of breaking the encryption using this guide is illegal in the US, so please only do this if you live in a country where you won’t be breaking any laws by doing this!

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