If you are an old windows vista user you notice that startup and shutdown takes more them that it used to be. These working are so slow that you can push shutdown at vista and wait for a few minutes for the personal computer to shut itself down and the same thing goes up the startup work. It can take few minutes in window vista to start itself instead of one minute as it was when you purchase the computer. This slowness process almost to every person computer that runs window vista for some time. You see the issue to slow startup and shutdown period on windows vista is the signup. The windows signup is the place where windows vista saves it most powerful and critical keys and information. Whenever you create alteration to windows like uninstalling and installing software, powerful changes are made to the signup. Those changes make some invalid entries and some error in the windows signup and that is the issue for windows slow performance.

To fix this issue, all you require to do is clear the registry from invalid entries and errors; you have 2 ways of doing this

Clear The Registry By Hand– You can press start>Run>regedit and enter button. You will see that signup editor window unlocks. That is wherever you plan all the modification you want to the signup. Important-making serious mistakes while registry editing cause dangerous damage to your personal computer, beginning from performance issues to situation where personal computer does not operate at all. So, if you do not truly know what you are doing in the sign up editor, I guided you not to touch it.

Use A Registry Cleaner– The most efficient and best solution for you to use a registry cleaner function. A registry cleaner is easily small piece of software which its objective to run over all the fix errors, registry entries, and invalid entries. So, if you do not need to clean your window registry manually, I truly recommended you to use cleaner registry to solve the startup and slow shutdown of window vista issue.

Warning-It is very vital which registry cleaner you select, there are lots of window fix registry cleaners in market and some of them are amazing but some can damage your personal computer and totally a bot. Oh and another important tip, use the cleaner registry on a weekly basic for your window vista, this way your personal computer will always be at it most perfect state.

The Wild Card-Broken Registry Key Files

There is always the possibility that your computer is shutting down and starting up slowly due to window registry error. These are often empty documents in your computer or broken links that make it serious for your system to access the information that it needs easily. Now simply getting a Window vista registry cleaner and working it once a week is a perfect useful solution to fix the window vista startup and shutdown issue. I love to use this program because it is easy to use and simple to handle.




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