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Think you know your iTunes music library – it’s time to find out with GuessTune! Or play with friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


For a limited time, players can unlock the Full Game, which gives you access to ALL current and future premium features and game modes, for the same price as a single game mode. Hurry and take advantage of this offer before we come to our senses and realize what we’ve done!


GuessTune puts a fast-paced music game show in the palm of your hands in which you can either play on your own, or challenge a group of friends and family using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth multiplayer*.

Single players can challenge themselves with one of 4 addictive game modes:

• Quick Game – Play a quick game guessing 10 random tracks from your iTunes Library
• Against the Clock* – Want a quick music fix? You’ve got just 90 seconds to identify as many tracks as possible
• Free Play* – Play quick, or play all night, it’s up to you with Free Play where you can choose how long to play and what songs to guess.
• Relentless!* – If you thought Against the Clock was frantic you ain’t seen nothing yet! Relentless! gives you the same 90 seconds to start with but each time you get one right you’ll get a time bonus. Get one wrong though and you’ll get a time penalty. This could be the longest (or shortest!) 90 seconds of your life!

For those wanting to play with friends or family start a multiplayer game and challenge them to identify the music tracks of your choice from your iTunes library:

• Challenge up to 3 friends with WiFi or Bluetooth multiplayer
• Normal mode gives all players 30 seconds to answer each track
• Fastest Finger rewards only the fastest player, the rest get nothing!
• The quicker you answer, the more points you get!
• Play for as long as you like with no limits – The game ends when the last player leaves, or the host ends the game.
• Unique Travel Mode lets you play the full tracks which is great for families on long journeys to keep the kids occupied whilst Mum & Dad listen to the music
• The Multiplayer Host can also decide not to participate in the game, which is great in conjunction with Travel Mode

For both single and multiplayer game modes, you’re in control and can choose whether players see just the Artist, Track or Both. Either way, when all players have guessed, everyone will be shown both the Artist and Track name so you won’t be left guessing.

* Single player game modes Against the Clock, Free Play & Relentless! and Multiplayer game hosting are all available by individual in-app purchase from within GuessTune. You can also unlock the Full Game, which gives you permanent access to all current and future game modes and premium features.

By Apptimal Ltd

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