If you are involved with web and mobile web projects (or planning to get involved anytime soon) I’m sure these days you are seeing one name repeated many times over an over again. Its Twitter Bootstrap framework for creating mobile optimized web apps.
Why there is such buzz about it? And what actually does it do? Also what Twitter name is doing in front of name Bootstrap?
Goal of this post is to answer you these questions and to list good few links to the best online resources and tutorials you can read to master Twitter Bootstrap framework.

First things first. What is Twitter Bootstrap?
Its simply a collection of HTML elements and CSS styles for minimalistic look and feel of your web projects. CSS styles are optimized for mobile multiple screen sizes which means it can adopt to the screen size of device your visitor is using. This auto adoption to different screen sizes also called responsive design is becoming very popular these days.
There are also JavaScript extensions included into framework if you prefer to add dynamic elements like sliders or spinners to your project.
Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton put this collection together while still working at Twitter and decided to call it Bootstrap. Therefore many people while referring to this project are adding Twitter name in front of it.

So if you don’t feel like designing all these buttons and styles for your new web project (or just want to prototype something quickly) Bootstrap is a good choice.

Below you will find the list of very useful and practical tutorials for starting work using Bootstrap and eventually mastering this framework. Let us know if we missed some good ones.

Twitter Bootstrap 101

Twitter Bootstrap 101

Extensive and well written tutorial by TutsPlus team. Covers everything from ground up, starting with introduction and later covering navigation, tabs, working with files and customizing the framework itself. Its a good place to start.

Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial

Also quite extensive tutorial. Covers responsive layouts, forms, progress bar, breadcrumbs, pagination and other pre-built HTML and CSS elements in Bootstrap framework. All sections of tutorial have their own examples and code samples.

Bootstrap in 20 minutes

introducing twitter bootstrap project

Want to get your web project up and running with Twitter Bootstrap in 20 minutes? This short tutorial will show you how to do it. Well, I guess it will still take more than 20 minutes to fully complete your project but this tutorial goes fast to the point. With all example code and explanations along the way.

Twitter Bootstrap and responsive design

Great tutorial written by Vedran Cindri? and mostly covering responsive design side of Twitter Bootstrap. With examples of famous web projects which have adopted this framework and closer look at jQuery and Bootstrap combination.

Building 2 Column Blog with Twitter Bootstrap

2 column twitter bootstrap

This is short tutorial with included video screen cast. Great for learners who like watching video tutorials and like seeing examples being created in real time. Plus you can download all the files of completed 2 column blog layout built using Twitter Bootstrap framework. Definitely worth the visit and some time for checking this tutorial.

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