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We collected the current hottest/trending captions and tags. We have a collection of many captions, tags but only show you those that are trending.

We calculate a caption or a tag’s use, frequency, like potential, and other metrics in order to show you the top picks for that current point in time.

“Life is not perfect… But my Hair is!”
“Whatever you do in life, make sure it makes you happy. ”
“With you, I forget all my problems. With you, Time Stands Still.”

Popular, Animal, Art, Celebrities, Electronics, Entertainment, and more…. All hot tags can be discovered here. Resources in the first category of “Captions” (Friendship) and “Tags” (Populars) are Free. And the first captions/tags in the subcategories are also free. However, other tags or captions, users need coins to copy for use.

Just download and see where we take you.

By Isaiah Lewis

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