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Fractions is an interactive app for kids to learn about halves, thirds, fourths and equals. It is one of the best free educational application which is designed to help students learn math fractions. This app is for kids in the age group of 5 -7 years and is optimized for use in both phones and tablets. Fractions math app is kid friendly and easy to use. Download the app and start your kid’s learning process in a fun way now.

Fractions math app helps the kids to identify math fractions. This app explains the concept of fractions in a easy and simple way with exciting illustrations and animations. The interactive approach of the app makes it a more immersive experience.


Explanation and illustration on concepts of math fractions.
Exercise to test the level of understanding about the topic.
An interesting game to keep the kids engaged.

This educational application helps kids understand and identify fractions.

Download fraction, and other educational apps published by Ajax Media Tech. With the gamified education model, kids will be able to absorb and learn the fundamentals and basics with minimal efforts and maximum retention.


Download from Itunes

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