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This app is an easy to use file manager for iOS devices for storing and viewing files. Use it like a USB drive for offline viewing of files. Share files through email or Dropbox.

– Create folders
– Add files to folders
– Rename files & folders
– Move files around to various folders
– Add files directly from your email to this app
– Email Files
– Zip up files and either email them or send them to dropbox
– Delete & manage files

The best way to add files to this app from your computer, whether using a Mac or a PC, is through the iTunes File Sharing panel using the following steps:

– Connect your iOS device to your computer
– Open iTunes on your computer
– Click the small iPad / iPhone icon in the upper left corner, as if you were going to adjust the syncing settings
– Click the “Apps” button in the left sidebar that appears below the iPad info
– Scroll down in the main window to where it says “File Sharing”
– Choose “File Manager” from the list of apps
– Click “Add…” in the panel that appears to the right to open a file browser
– Choose one or more files from the file browser
– The file transfer will start automatically, with a progress bar displaying at the top of the iTunes window
– When finished, you may disconnect your device and launch File Manager

By Saliha Bhutta

Download from Itunes

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