Any sort of web presence has become an imperative call for a business as it provides large number of audience and a platform to present your business in the best possible way. Now it becomes more effective to promote a company on social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently Google+. Haunting social networking sites for marking a presence on the web front assures large scale popularity in a very short span of time.

The latest social networking website that offers the scope for businesses to promote their business is Google+. In the beginning, Google+ only let people to create their personal profiles and they were barred from using any sort of marketing and promotional techniques. Google+ did it with an intention of providing a special and distinct platform to showcase their business – the Brand Pages.

The Brand Pages are the latest buzz in the Corporate world when it comes to promoting the company through social networking. The Google plus brand pages offers the corporate houses, regardless of their size and scale to instantly connect with customers and fans which have an inclination towards your Brand and Services that you offer. With a Google Plus Brand Page, Internet users can easily +1 your page, increasing the popularity of your enterprise, share it in their circles thus giving you a wider exposure and get into a long term professional alliance. And that’s not all. The users can also interact with your team on a face to face basis with the “Hangout” option and thus you can carry out significant customer service work through your Brand Pages profile. All that you have to do is show some faith and get started with the Google Plus Brand Pages and then perhaps the sky will be the limit.

The write up covers all the varying aspects about the brand pages – what are Brand pages, how they provide better features than just another profile pages, how you may get a Brand Page for your business and manage the different features of the same to optimize the outcome for your business.

How are Brand Pages Different from the Profiles Pages?

Brand Pages are completely different from Profile pages though they may just appear as profile pages in the search results, separated with a little symbol. But brand Pages were introduced to mark the existence of non living entities on the Google+. You can create a brand page only if the subject matter belongs to the following categories: Local Business or Place; Product or Brand; Company, Institution or Organization; Arts, Entertainment or Sports; Other.

The other differentiating factor exists in the form of a categorical square shaped watermark on the Page. The mark is also visible in the search result options besides when you visit a Brand Page, you are provided with the options of +1 the page and share it, but you are not entitled to do the same with profile pages.

Getting Started With Google + and Effectively Showcasing the Brand Pages.

Getting a Google+ Brand Page is as simple as can be. Here we enumerate the basic steps you need to take in order to make a Google+ Brand Page. If you wish to gain a strategic advantage with your Brand Page, you must pay proper attention while making the Brand Page. Remember that your Brand Page only have a matter of 3 seconds to register an impact on the users, otherwise your Business Page will be doomed.

  1. To begin with, log on to and start the process. Once you log in there, you will be greeted by vivid page providing you an option of “Create your Google + Brand Page” in a distinct blue box. Just a click and you are good to go.
  2. There on you will be transported to a new page where you will have be asked to decide the type of brand you wish to be showcased on the Google Plus Brand Page. From an extensive range of options, select whichever one suits you best.
  3. Once you decide the category that your Brand belongs to, you will be asked to fill in with some elementary information regarding your brand, such as the name and the website etc. Fill up the details correctly as it will be displayed in the profile and along with that all this information is really important for Google crawlers to interpret your Google + Brand Page and display the result in the searches. Maintain a consistency in the name of your website if you are existing on more than one social networking platform. This helps in optimizing the results, and making the users remember the name of your enterprise.
  4. Mind the tag line: The next step will require you to fill up the tag line of your business Brand Page. If possible then make the tag line witty and descriptive, though information shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of making it witty.
  5. Select the Brand Image and Upload it: It is obviously necessary to represent the Brand Page with an image. Choose an appropriate image of the logo and tweak it to fit the Brand Page image section. You may have to crop the image in square shape, thus make sure that your logo can be observed in the image clearly, if nothing else.
  6. Spread out the word aloud: This is perhaps the easiest way to spread the word about your Google Plus Brand Page amongst all your contacts, and give your Brand Page profile a head start in the very beginning. Get the people to get into the circle of your business by spreading out the word aloud.
  7. Your Google Plus Brand Page is now complete, and for effecting promotion and utilization of the features, you may dive into further customization and presentation of your Brand Page.

Utilizing of all the features of Brand Page to successfully Showcase your Business

The battle hasn’t won as of now, it is just a initial step, although it is really a strong one. Customizing the Google Plus Page for the effective dissemination of information and promoting your brand amongst the users. Always keep in mind that the online generation is very impatient and is always looking for instant gratification. To make an impression on them, you would have to very smartly assemble all the features, be distinct and creative in your approach, nothing like the heard and read before clichéd stuff. For effective showcasing, ascertain the following:

a) Upload pictures in your Brand Page: The online virtual world is smitten with pictures and photography. It isn’t hard to find “freelance photographer” written in the Employment section of many users. The point is that you have to display amazing pictures to attract more visitors. You needn’t hire a professional photographer to do the same, just upload pictures of your business activities, any events that you participated in, the awards you won, any extra curricular with your staff, celebrations and what not. The thing to be remembered is that you must feel good about your enterprise and be excited to share the same with others, and if you do so, you are bound attract more visitors.

b) Introduce yourself properly: any information that your display on the Brand Page must sound professional but along with that must represent your own personal style as an enterprise. The introduction and content should be very descriptive and informative and shouldn’t leave any kind of ambiguity in the minds of the users. And never forget the golden rule to use ample amount of key words in the content for the obvious purpose of search engine advantage.

c) Provide the information about your business: The entire point behind making the Google Plus Brand Page is to provide the users with an easy and convenient experience. By providing the information about your business, such as the city, the location, the functioning hours and the contact details – perhaps and email id or contact number etc you bring yourself a step closer to your perspective customers. Provide a Google Map for your business location to make users easily approach your company.

d) Provide a link to your website or blogs: At present, every businesses entity is aware of the technological advancements and have a website representing their business in the virtual world. Along with that, they share a lot of useful information on their weblogs. If your business also have a website or a blog, display the same in your Brand Page. Not only it will bring to you unique traffic, it will actually help you in increasing your revenues.

e) Post the links of relevant websites and profiles: On the side bar of your profile page you will have an option of adding the “Recommended Links” to your Brand Page. This is really an important step and you should avail it to the maximum of your advantage. On the sidebar of recommended links you may add your business blog, your other social networking profiles, local listing and the review sites which you wish to promote. A simple way of doing the same is by suing the following format: Write your Business Name along with your Site Name. For instance if you wish to provide a link to your business page on Facebook, Write your business name and then Facebook in the label section and subsequently provide a URL of the same. Once you are done with it, click on “Done Editing” and then you will be able to use Google Plus as your page.

Manage your Google Plus circles effectively:

Managing the circles through your Google Plus Brand Page is a bit different from managing the same through your Google Plus Profile. The difference is quite unsettling as unlike profile pages you cannot add a person to your circle, until and unless they circle your page first. That means you first have to impress the users, to make them add you in their circles. Provided below are few points you may note to manage your circles effectively.

Work towards publishing your Brand Pages publicly:
To increase the users who have circled you, it is mandatory for you to promote your Brand page in all of your personal contacts. In addition to that you can also promote your Brand Page and your business by writing quality content for your contemporaries. You may consider writing a blog post about your new Brand Page and share it across different social networks like Facebook or Twitter etc. This will further diversify your network, generating new and unique possibilities for business. Besides you can promote the same by writing emails to your clients customers and etc to make them aware about your presence.

Remember always to circle back:

If you wish to share your content with others and effectively showcase your business, it is important to have people on your circles. One of the easiest way to do so is to circle back the users who added your business through Google Plus. In order to do this, just log in to your circles and click “people who have added you” and find out all the users that you can add in your circles.

For a business house enough is never enough, and it is okay to want more. In order to survive, it is essential to expand and grow. Utilizing the Google Plus Brand Pages features to the optimum levels may just provide you with the extra competitive edge that you have been looking for. Get the Brand Pages for your business right now and elevate your potential.

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