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Draw On My Pics 2 for iOS8+ is a brand new, fully upgraded and Universal app that allows you you draw right on your own pictures! Simply grab pictures from you library and have a ton of fun drawing whatever you want on them. You can draw funny mustaches, hats, or more on your family, friends or pets! Or draw in speech bubbles and make them talk!

-Created for iOS8 and higher! Though it will still work on 5.1 and up

-Grab pictures right from your photo library with ease

-11 Quick colors are available!

-Save the creations you make right onto your device

-Change your brush size on the fly

-Undo and Eraser abilities included

-Don’t want to use a pic? Don’t! Just draw on the fly using the app with all the same features

-Clear your picture, or fill in with a solid color if you just want to paint

By Rocket Splash Games

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