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“djTurntables” turns your device into a professional turntable for DJs. The software simulates in detail the real turntables used by the great DJs of the past and adds features typical of modern devices. The fusion of the two worlds of technology, that of the past and present, together with the sound quality of the device makes “djTurntables” a unique musical instrument for professional DJs.

Connect your device to a mixer and transform yourself into an “old style” DJ with djTurntables!

– Turntables simulator for professional DJs (designed and tested by professionals DJs)
– Speed regulator for the rotation of the vinyl (pitch adj)
– Display for the current position of track and time remaining at the end
– Dj playlist (select songs from your iTunes library of the device using the “sound manager importer” of “djTurntables” )
– Procedure for import songs from your music library to the device “dj playlist” with a selection of songs by alphabetical order, by artist, playlist, etc … (the same as the music software of your device)
– Direct interaction with the vinyl, with your fingers
– Artwork displayed on the vinyl
– Exact position of the track controlled by rotation of the vinyl (rotate vinyl with your fingers) or by pressing the FF / REV slow (+ – 1 sec.) or fast (+ – 10 sec.)
– Automatic restart of the song at the end of the song
– Play / Stop immediate
– Power on / power off (as in the analog turntables after power off the vinyl will rotate slower and slower until it stops, the song will sound more and more slowly)
– Immediate restart during the power off procedure by pressing power on and play button
– Immediate stop during the power off procedure by pressing the play / pause
– Immediate stop of the disk in a fixed position by pressing the pause button
– Immediate stop of the disk in a fixed position by stopping the vinyl with two fingers
– Cue function to store the actual track position, pushing the play button the song will restart from the cue position until the feature cue will be deactivated (repeatedly press play / pause for cue effect)
– Scratch function by interacting directly with vinyl rotation, touching the vinyl with your fingers
– Interacting on the vinyl you can push/pull the vinyl to correct the position of the track during the song play
– Multilevel Bending: directly proportional to the push / pull intensity given to the vinyl with your finger
– Very low latency for all the functions you can use (the software was written using the professional music library openAL)
– “iTunes File Sharing” to transfer the sounds of your playlist into the device directly by using MAC o PC (using iTunes software); with this feature you can backup on your MAC / PC the your preferred “dj playlist” and you can use them when you want
– 6 scratch effects

1) Press on “Import” and after on the “white disk with the notes”
2) Select the song (from the device sound library) to import into the “dj Playlist” (repeat step 1 and 2 to import multiple songs)
3) Press on “Playlist”
4) Select the song You want to play
5) Set POWER to ON
6) Click on “Play/Pause” button to play the song
7) Start Your DJ performance by interacting with Your fingers with “djTurntables”

By Gianluca Natalini

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