1. Ruby on Rails To Do List Tutorial

We will be making a to do list application in Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework written in Ruby. This tutorial will require some basic knowledge using Terminal. Also, if you are new to ruby on rails, I recommend you check out Railscasts and the Lynda Rails tutorials are great as well. I won’t get into installing ruby here, but if you are on a Mac you already have it.

2. How to make a todo list program with Rails

This tutorial is intended for first-time users of Rails who want to build a small database-driven application. I’ve chosen to show the creation of a rather simpleTODO list program, because it’s short, easy and can be useful. I’ll be using Rails version 0.8, with ActionPack 0.9, ActiveRecord 1.0.0 and ActionMailer 0.3, but the whole thing should work with the more recent Rails 0.8.5. If you have any problems, email them to me. If you want information on the methods and classes used in this tutorial, you can visit the Rails API documentation.

3. Create a To Do List with Ruby on Rails – Beginner’s Tutorial [PDF]

To demonstrate Ruby on Rails, we will create a simple todo list. We will use a good design priciple of site organization: display todo lists

as the primary layout and keep author management as secondary. In addition, to best create todo lists we will use a database schema that will contain two tables: one holding todo items, the other holding the authors’ information.

4. Rails 2.0 todo list [Video Tutorials]

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