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The unique feature of the Cool Calculator is that you can DRAG your calculated results to one of the Memory Buttons and drop it. You can now use that value at any time in your calculations.

We have now included with the DELUXE version the Following Items:

– Copy your Calculated Result to the Clipboard
– Conversions That Copy results to the Clipboard
– Debt Calculator with Amortization Schedule
– Currency Conversion
– Tax and Discount Buttons
– Change your Button Backgrounds
– New Hi-Res Backgrounds for Retna Displays
– New Hi-Res Buttons for Retna Displays
– We Added Temperature Conversions
– The Background Image moves with the device
– No Ads
– Save Your Memory slots and recall them at a later time.
– Hi-Res Button Images to Choose From
– Change the Font on the Buttons
– Hi-Res Background Images from Dienzo Fine Art Photo

Try the Cool Calculator Today!!!! You will not be disappointed!

By Bitco Software LLC

Download from Itunes

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