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Specifically designed for both iPad and iPhone!! Optimized to use iPhone X Series screen!

Connect to PC let you access Windows PC from your iPad/iPhone at anytime! Zero configuration – just login using gmail account and you are ready to go!

Note: Not all Windows support remote desktop. Check below for supported platforms or download the tool from

– Specifically designed for both iPad and iPhone
– Take advantage of iPad’s big screen
– Portrait and landscape mode
– Multiple connections
– Support various resolutions and colors
– Trackpad to move mouse cursor (also support click) and do mouse wheel scroll
– Modifier keypad including Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Cmd which enables you to press almost any key combinations.
– Cut, copy & paste and other shortcuts keypad, including HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, Arrow keys, etc.
– Pinch to zoom in and out. Choose the zoom scale you like
– Support International keyboard for many languages, including French, German, Korean, Russian etc.
– Added virtual left and right mouse button
– Easy dragging and resizing using virtual mouse pad
– Startup password protection
– Video output (need iPad or iOS4 and output connector)
– Easy to use design

Supported Platform:
– Windows XP Professional
– Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate
– Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate
– Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

Important: The following systems are NOT supported:
– Windows XP Home
– Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium
– Windows 7 Home Starter/Basic/Premium
– Others not listed in “Supported Platform” section
– Mac is NOT supported

Note: Others Windows versions not listed in “Supported Platform” section are NOT supported.

How to enable Windows Remote Desktop?
– Windows XP:
– Windows Vista/Windows 7:

For setup instructions and more information, see

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By Hana Mobile

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