1. Frosted Flakes

Wreaths of grungy swirls

2. Christmas Trees

Photo-perfect Christmas trees

3. Christmas Corners

Decoration of flowers and stars, perfect for corners of greeting cards

4. Xmas Tree Lights

Glossy decorative Xmas tree globes ready to be hung them from trees or on greeting cards

5. Pretty Garden

Assortment of floral ornaments – use them at different sizes to create awesome borders and frames

6. Pointy Stars

Concave star shapes are stunning when smaller, colored brushes are placed on top of each other

7. Fairy Star Lights

Star set with thin points, great for sparkles or night skies, or even as large underprints

8. Flurry of Snowflakes

Snowflakes of various opacities and forms

9. Superstar

Scintillating superstars shine with crystal-clear intensity and brilliance.

10. Things on Strings Lite

Whimsical yet clearly-defined, these pretty things can hang from trees, windows, or just decorate your printouts with their style and simplicity.

11. Dotted Patterns

Pretty patterns made of dotted decorative ornaments, snowflakes, candles and clouds.

12. Hannukah Lite

A taste of the Hannukah symbols: dreidels, a hannukiah, candles, a repeatable pattern and 7 mouth-watering donuts.

13. Basic Tags

Basic tag shapes: clean, well-designed and ready to use.

14. Xmas Doodahs

Bright and shiny Christmas doodahs for decorating your trees, cards and homes.

15. Tree Hangings

Photo-realistic hangings for Christmas trees: sock, hat and two glittery globes.

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