Best jQuery Mobile Resources For Your Apps

Following on previous popular posts about jQuery plugins and best jQuery star rating tutorials this time we have created a list of very useful jQuery Mobile resources and tutorials. In this list you will find links to more than 100 very useful tips and tricks. Mobile web is becoming more […]

Best jQuery File Upload Plugins

jQuery in a great library once it comes to creating dynamic client side effects and interactions. One of its most powerful features is that developers can extend jQuery library by creating their own plugins for adding additional functionality. And there are good few of these plugins created and shared by […]

6 Scroll to Top jQuery Plugins & Tutorials

1. A Lightweight AutoScroll to Top jQuery Plugin Increasing your webpage usability is not that easy, you have to consider a lot of things. One of the necessary element is to be able the user to easily back to the top most of the page especially when the content is long […]

14 Image Lightbox Plugins For jQuery

1. Lightview by Nick Stakenburg Lightview was built to change the way you overlay content on a website. Clean: Designed to compliment your content. Fast: Smart image preloading. Easy: Customizable without having to know CSS. Rounded: Adjustable rounded corners, no PNG images required. Smart: Content resizes to always fit on your screen. […]

9 Best jQuery Custom Content Scroller Plugins

jquery custom content scroller

1. jScrollPane – custom cross-browser scrollbars By kelvinluck jScrollPane is a jQuery plugin which provides you with custom scrollbars which work consistently across all modern browsers. You can style the scrollbars using simple CSS and they degrade gracefully where JavaScript is disabled. 2. Tiny Scrollbar – A lightweight jQuery plugin Tiny Scrollbar […]