6 Maya Scripting and Expressions Tutorials

1. Fast Puffy Type Explosions in Maya This tutorial will show how to make simple puffy explosion using fluids in Maya. It will explode and then give off black smoke. 2. Kludge City 01.7 (Maya script) Kludge city is a procedural building and skyscraper generator being developed by Visual Effects Artist, Ed Whetstone, as part of […]

17 Advance Character Tutorials For Maya

1. Maya Rigging – How to Rig a Mechanical Creature In this tutorial I take a quick overview on a mechanical creature I rigged. It has 4 legs. In general I talk about how to approch a rigging project. But I also cover these topics: – I look at how I rigged the pistons on the […]

14 Tutorials That Explains Maya Texturing

1. UV mapping 101 For beginners, UV mapping has always been a challenging part of the modeling/texturing process. Although the theory is rather simple (think of how you would ‘unwrap’ the earth to create a flat map of it) it seems that no software package offers an ideal intuitive solution to performing UV mapping. For definitions […]