Opera Desktop – Newbie Guide & Must See Articles

Introduction Opera started in 1994 as a research project inside Norway’s largest telecom company, Telenor. Within a year, it branched out into an independent development company named Opera Software ASA. Today, Opera Software develops the Opera Web browser, a high-quality, multi-platform product for a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products – […]

15 Must Watch News & Politics Podcasts

1. This American Life This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 1.7 million listeners. It is produced by Chicago Public Media, distributed by Public Radio International, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, […]

How to protect yourself from keyloggers and phishing

If you play MMO computer games, then you probably know all too well about the keyloggers and the damage they can cause. You can get your account hacked, lose in play money and gear and go through a lot of unpleasant situations trying to sort things out with the guys from the customer service. Things […]

How to speed up Windows 7

You can never have enough speed when it comes to the operating systems and even though Windows 7 is the fastest ever produced by Microsoft, there is always room for improvements. There are some tricks you should use if you want to increase the speed of Windows 7 and the best thing is that it […]

Improve your productivity with PlanningForce Express Planner

Express Planner is free planning tool both for Mac and Windows. This free planning software is totally free and has amazing professional features. What you can do and get with Express Planner. You play with projects, tasks, resources and date constraints. You create and organize your resources the way you want. You can also define […]

Gmail – Beginners Guide, Gmail Tips & Tricks


Introduction Gmail is a free, advertising-supported webmail, POP3, and IMAP service provided by Google. Gmail was launched as an invitation-only beta release on April 1, 2004 and it became available to the general public on February 7, 2007, though still in beta status at that time. The service was upgraded from beta status on July […]

5 Best Podcasts For Filmmakers

young filmmakers

1. Film Riot – Revision3 Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen. Host: Ryan Connolly 2. Indy Mogul – DIY filmmaking Indy Mogul […]