Top 10 best smartphones of the moment

Business Insider says that at the end of November and first part of December will be the time when mobile gadgets and the phones will be sell very good. And Business Insider also realized a ranking of the latest and best smartphones that you can buy for the holidays. 10. Motorola ATRIX 2 Motorola ATRIX […]

Top iPhone 4S applications

best applications for iPhone4s

The launch of iPhone 4S has not been received with exaggerated enthusiasm, and the new Apple phone keeps the same design as its predecessor. However, in addition to enhancements to the hardware level, iPhone 4S has the potential to differentiate through iOS operating system, especially through the many applications offered by leading developers. We ave […]

8 Best Soccer Games for Android Phones

FIFA Soccer 10 Android by FIFA

1. FIFA Soccer 10 Android by FIFA Lead your club or country to glory with the first FIFA game optimized for Android. Match up real leagues, teams and players in international tournaments and cup competitions. Build your legend in the exclusive “Be a Pro” Mode. Track stats across multiple seasons and earn skills in competition […]

10 Awesome Android Desktop Wallpapers

1. Real Androids on Street 2. ANDROID by ~Psychopulse 3. Apple Inc. lightsaber Android 4. Android Forge 5. Android Contains…  by ~TedFourSeventeen 6. Android-sphere Disco lights 7. EgFox Android HD 2010   by ~Eg-Art 8. 3D Google Android  by ~b4ddy 9. Android executing scripts 10. Android HDTV & Widescreen Wallpaper  by ~clondike7  

8 Addictive RPG Games For Android

1. Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe Epic Online cooperative Action-RPG meets Tower Defense: join the battle! Epic Online Action-Role Playing Game meets Tower Defense: join the battle! The Definitive Unreal-powered Next-Gen Android title! **NOW FREE-TO-PLAY!** Now Including Competitive Player-versus-Player mode, and Android Market In-App-Billing to enhance your Mana Bank to aid in procuring rare and unique […]