9 Useful File Compression Apps For Mac

1. StuffIt Expander 2011 by Allume Systems Always free to use whether you download it separately or as part of a StuffIt Trial or StuffIt Deluxe Trial. Access StuffIt files, uncompress Zip archives, decompress tar, gzip and bzip archives, and more. Just drag, drop, and you’re done! From BinHex to Zip, StuffIt to MIME, Expander accesses more […]

Best Youtube Video Downloaders For Mac’s

In this post we are going to cover most popular YouTube video downloaders for Mac OSX. As we watch more and more content on internet, YouTube appears to be the best channel for video. Do you know that you can download YouTube videos and watch them offline? Sure you can, and its not complicated at […]

8 Best Web Browser Apps For Mac


1. Safari5 – Smart, powerful, beautiful browsing It has innovative new features that improve the way you view the web. And powerful new tools to help developers enhance and customize the browsing experience altogether. What is Safari? – It’s a browser. It’s a platform. It’s an open invitation to innovate. Safari sets the standard for the way […]

5 Useful Translation Applications For Mac

1. Babylon Mac v3 – Translation and Dictionary software for Mac The ultimate translation software! More than 90 million users! Quick Look – a sneak peek of content without opening them Menu app – menu bar activation, designed on same concept of spotlight Auto-complete – related complementarily terms as you start typing. 2. iTranslate –  Quick and Easy […]

How to Improve the Mac Speed and Performance

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Most of the people using Mac are really contented by the speed and the performance delivered by the MacBook but there are some issues that might result in the slow and the dizzy performance by a Mac. The first option that is exercised by the most of the Mac users is to enhance the memory […]

8 Really Useful email Spam Filters For Mac

1. POPmonitor Wouldn’t it be great if you could delete unwanted e-mail or spam before it reaches your e-mail application? Or delete messages with large attachments without downloading them to your computer first? Or get rid of messages with viruses attached to them? Well, POPmonitor lets you do just that! With POPmonitor you can take a […]

Top 8 Blogging Apps For Mac

1. MarsEdit 3 by RedSweater Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it. If you’re serious about your blog, you need a desktop blog editor. If you’re lucky enough to have a […]

Learn How to right-click on a Mac

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Mac is awesome: Mac has is a revolutionary operating system that delivers you more than your expectations. It is something more than just an operating system. Previously, it was not as much welcomed as the Windows but as the guys came to know about the features of this awesome operating system, there was a rapid […]

Top 4 VoIP Phone Softwares For Mac

Bria3 screenshot CounterPath Corporation

1. telephone Call regular phones with your Mac This application is a SIP softphone. It’s useless on its own, you should have a SIP account to make calls. Telephone gives you freedom in choosing a phone provider with the best prices. Just search Internet for “SIP provider” or see the list of providers that have already […]