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Simple, Easy and Stylish calculator for the iPad. Works on iPhone & iPod Touch too.

Simple and Easy
Designed specifically for iPad with simple and easy usability. Limiting the features to the minimum, anyone can use it intuitively without steep learning curve.

Re-Designed for iPad
Re-Designed for iPad for ease of use with attractive interface. With large keypad, you won’t make any typo anymore.

Real and Fast
Feels like using a real calculator. With streamlined usability, you can calculate much more in shorter time.

No keypad touch sound are made. Suitable for use in quiet place like library.

* Simple & Easy. Limiting the features to minimum makes anyone can use it intuitively.
* As real as a real calculator.
* Redesigned for iPad. Large key pad, no typo.
* Silent. No keypad touch sound. Suitable for use in quiet place.

By hirokazu murabe

Download from Itunes

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