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Try my simple basic calculator. I made it with love.
When I worked on buttons I researched best classic calculators in the world and used perfect spacings. So that tapping is pleasure, just try!


– It is simple and intuitive
– It loads fast
– There is a history bar that shows your last actions
– It rotates as you wish
– You can change themes
– It is compatible with iPhone and iPad
– It doesn’t show fullscreen ads
– It tells you about important math days of the present and the past
– You can count on it


– Basic calculator actions: plus, minus, multiply, divide
– Advanced calculator actions: percentages, Square root, П, e, logarithm, sin, cos, tan
– History bar
– Rotation
– Multiple themes
– Calendar of upcoming math days
– Voice input

Feel free to leave feedback in the review so that I can hear you and implement your desires.
Have fun calculating!

By Alex Yakauleu

Download from Itunes

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