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Blur Photos allows you to do just that – blur photos with ease using your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and your finger. In a matter of seconds you can blur faces, trademarks, logos, license plates or other copyrighted images. Powered by the You Doodle engine, Blur Photos is the simplest, fastest and best way to blur photos and images for iOS.

■ Custom blur intensity & touch size:
You can set the blur intensity and touch size.

■ Zoom & pan, working in detail:
Use two finger gestures to zoom in or out, or to pan.

■ iOS 8 extension:
Blur Photos works directly from the Photos App.

■ Crop:
Crop, flip and adjust aspect ratio.

■ Performance:
Blur Photos is highly performent and has no lag when blurring.

■ Screen relative size:
Blur Photos supports a screen relative blur size via the “Adjust brush size when zooming” option.

■ Sharing:
Blur Photos allows you to share your blurred image via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest and many more!

■ Undo and redo:
Blur Photos supports hundreds of levels of undo and redo.

■ High resolution images:
Blur Photos has an option to support 9 megapixel images

I’m Jeff Johnson, and I created Blur Photos to provide the absolute simplest and easiest way to blur your photos and images on iOS. After trying the blur photo apps currently available, I was appalled at all the ads and poor user experiences. Blur Photos has minimal ads and NO in app purchases and a very simple interface, allowing you a hassle free way to blur your photos and images on iOS.

Please email [email protected] if you have feedback or questions.

Happy blurring!

p.s. yes that’s me in the video 🙂

By Digital Ruby, LLC

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