The BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet computer by Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian telecommunications company best known for the BlackBerry smartphone. The company indicated it would deliver the machine to enterprise customers and developers in October 2010, and release it to consumers in early 2011, putting it in direct competition with Apple’s iPad, iPad 2, and a slew of Android powered tablets. BlackBerry PlayBook Also announced was a new operating system, the BlackBerry Tablet OS, based on QNX Neutrino, to run on the tablet. The device was released for general purchase in the United States on April 19, 2011, and early sales figures note that approximately fifty thousand (50,000) were sold on launch day, and some analysts estimate RIM to sell 3 million during their first year.

Beginners Guide

1. BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet User Guide Version: 1.0

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet User Guide v1.0

BlackBerry PlayBook Tips & Tricks

2. BlackBerry PlayBook Tips for All RIM Tablet Users by cio

Got yourself a shiny new BlackBerry PlayBook? Learn how to get more done in less time, boost tablet security, manage applications and more, using these seven easy PlayBook tips and tricks, courtesy of’s Al Sacco.

3. BlackBerry PlayBook Tips and Tricks by TheAllBlog

After going through these steps, please restart both the BlackBerry Smartphone and the PlayBook then attempt to use BlackBerry Bridge again.

4. BlackBerry PlayBook 101 by Crackberry

Looking for help with your BlackBerry PlayBook? Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled all the help articles and videos right here in one spot so you’ll always have them ready to go. This Article covers below tutorials

  • BlackBerry PlayBook 101 Help Articles
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Videos
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Wallpapers
  • BlackBerry PlayBook in the CrackBerry Forums
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Setup
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Changing the wallpaper on your BlackBerry PlayBook
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Icon Reference
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Tips and Tricks
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Gestures and Navigation
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Personalizing your BlackBerry PlayBook
  • BlackBerry Bridge Video Walkthrough and “Free Tethering” on the PlayBook Explained
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Understanding the PlayBook’s User Interface and Gestures
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Using BlackBerry App World on the PlayBook

5. BlackBerry Playbook Manual by Tipsblackberry

I think tipsblackberry has some great collection of tutorials. Do check them and let us know if they helped you.

Recommended book

6. The Ultimate Guide to the BlackBerry PlayBook [£8.99]

[DO CHECK THE REVIEWS BEFORE PURCHASING] If you’re a BlackBerry addict, the brand new BlackBerry PlayBook will be your favourite gadget of 2011! Featuring everything from what the PlayBook is to offering advice on syncing your PlayBook to your BlackBerry and other devices, and revealing the best apps and guides to using your BlackBerry for business usage – this MagBook is the essential beginners’ guide to mastering BlackBerry’s new tablet.

We have limited resource of Playbook, If you want to share any playbook tutorial or articles then feel free to share it with us.

BlackBerry PlayBook Photo Gallery

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