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OMG everyone should download this now, this app is so fun and makes pics so funny! – Reviewer

Over 1.5 Million Users! Thank You So Much!

Everyone spread the laughter; make your pictures funny and share them on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere!

This is the free version of autoCap! (formerly instaCap)

autoCap will automatically add a funny caption to any photo or image.

Simple to use:

1. Choose or take image.
2. autoCap it.
3. Share or save.

Super Funny, Super Easy!

-Automatically generate hilarious captions and text on pics
-Move the captions anywhere with your finger.
-Add a 2nd line.
-Edit the captions
-Adjust colors, fonts, alignment and more.
-Add chat bubbles.
-Watermark your photos.
-Works on all devices, old and new!
-Universal for iPad

Tap the screen to preview and hide buttons.

Email autoCapfree [at] skhapps [dot] com anytime.

By Shawn Hitchcock

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