Content Delivery Networks and Pricing

This is a second part of the informative guest post created by Will Vuong. We recommend you to go and read the first part about what CDN is, how they differ from each other and what are the performance gains. This time we cover CDN pricing and support Content Delivery Networks and Pricing Price options […]

What makes Impress Pages CMS different

Big thanks goes to folks from Impress Pages team for helping with the content for this post. ImpressPages CMS is an open source content management system created for content managers by the folks that previously ran a web design agency. Founders have worked with many different systems and had delivered websites for hundreds of customers […]

How to understand Content Delivery Networks

This is a first part of the guest post created by Will Vuong. Second part is about pricing and support. Selecting the Right CDN – What You Need to Consider Companies across all industries turn to CDNs (content delivery networks) to accelerate the delivery of websites and/or web applications across the internet that are critical […]

How To Use Jmeter for HTTP Proxy Server Testing

This time on we are publishing the tutorial for JMeter – one of most popular testing tools for online websites and ecommerce sites. In this tutorial you will learn how to record the testing plan and export it for the future use. Many thanks to our friends from for submitting and sharing this […]

The best download managers for Mac in 2013

Once it comes to downloading the files from Internet we have noticed one trend these days. The average file size you have to download keeps increasing every year. Today’s apps look great and have plenty of functionality but it all comes with the increased actual application download size. Similar goes to video and audio files […]

Review: Manage Multiple Downloads with Folx

Today we want to share a review of application from our friends at Folx What is Folx Folx is a versatile Internet download manager solving the problem of convenient downloading of multiple files and managing those downloads on your computer so that you can always easily organize and find any of them. It was just […]

15 very useful eCommerce addons for WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system platform that can be customised with thousands of plug-ins, which enhance WordPress functionality in areas such as ecommerce, search engine optimisation, social networking, image management, security, and site administration. This post is about ecommerce and mobile commerce. Whether you sell products or offer services, WordPress can extend your […]

Best WordPress plugin development tutorials

WordPress is a great content management system. It is an open source CMS dedicated to mostly online bloggers. It gained lots of love from developer community because of its simplicity, and lots of love from bloggers because of ease of use while running great blogs.  WordPress can now be easily called World’s most popular content […]