New standard for dedicated servers 10 Gbps

Do you wonder how is it technically possible that YouTube and other streaming websites let you watch gigabytes of content from all over the world? Moreover that there is over a billion monthly users like you. It would not be possible without dedicated servers. About 10 years ago servers with 1 Gb uplink which changed […]

Top 10 fitness & health apps for iPhone

Maintaining and checking our health is a quite difficult and often neglected task in today’s rushing world. Here are 10 apps for your iPhone that can help you keep an active lifestyle and monitor your health. 7 minute workout challenge This research-backed app is a simple but effective workout program. One of the best features […]

Review: Make screenshots easy and free. Monosnap

monosnap review on enfew

More reviews on Enfew blog. This time we are going to take a close look at a very useful screen capturing application called Monosnap. What is Monosnap? Monosnap is a very simple to use and easy to install free screen capturing tool for multiple platforms. They have versions for Mac, Windows, iPad and even Chrome […]

Review: Recovering Mac OSX files with DiskDrill

diskdrill what its for

Various tech product reviews section is a popular one on Enfew. From time to time we are choosing some useful software product and quickly look through what it does and how can it make your live easier. This time its about backups, files, recovery and DiskDrill What is DiskDrill Like it or not, sometimes we […]

Very elegant WordPress themes for your websites

simple and flexible wordpress themes

There are many WordPress themes out there. Sometimes is hard to decide which one of them best fits the layout and design of your new website. Usually after purchasing the specific theme you’ll find that certain bits and pieces doesn’t fit your project and you are back again searching for the new theme to purchase. […]

Trends In E-Commerce. Beginning of 2014

ecommerce trands 2014

eCommerce methods and practices are constantly evolving. Worldwide adoption of the Internet, smartphone devices and tablets bring plenty of ways to reinvent commerce as we know it. There are many services and sites online and on the mobile platforms which do allow anyone without specific online technology knowledge to start building and growing eCommerce or […]