from-indian-entrepreneursLast year on Feb 6 ’10, It was the issue of payment transfers to local banks in India and Now this ‘Reserve Bank Of India Restricts PayPal Payments To Indian Merchants’ issue. It is really annoying how Entrepreneurs & Freelancers……. Anyway, lets take a look at what others are saying.

What Others Are Saying?

Some Interesting Statistics About Indian Paypal Users

According to source, PayPal’s total payment volume, the total value of transactions US$ 71 billion in year 2009 with US$191.7  million of transaction per day. Now lets write this in simple form instead of writing it with millions and billions because people hear them everyday and don’t even know how many zeros it has.

$70000000000 per year & $191780821 per day  *Cough* You know i said dollars!  right? *Cough*.

In which India did the $4.620 billion transaction per year according to 2009, that is  211,048,067,999 ruppes  in 2009.

Now Lets take a look at PayPal Usage Per Country – Top 6 Countries

  1. USA – 40.7 %
  2. U.K –  8.2%
  3. India –  6.6%
  4. Germany – 5.1%
  5. Canada – 3.3%
  6. China –  3.2%

Another intresting fact – Nearly 49% of the high-tech startups in silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. are owned by Indians or Indian-Americans.

What Can We Do? Sign The Petition!

Please Sign this Petition and share it with your friends, specially any Bloggers or Entrepreneur you know,  At least Retweet or Like this to spread this.

Signing this petition is very easy, Use the widget on right or go to petition page at

20 thoughts on “Appeal To RBI ‘Resolve PayPal Issue In India’”

  1. Hello…thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing the link to sign the petition to resolve this never ending issue between RBI and Paypal. I am going to sign it now.

  2. Don’t know whether it will solve the problem or not i’ve already signed the petitions and also send letters to leading News Agencies and request them to cover the issue.

  3. According to RBI sources.
    1. If paypal keeps your money more than 7 days, they have to pay you interest and apply for a banking permit, hence the 7 day time to transfer your money.
    2. If paypal allows amounts of more than $500 per transaction, they have to apply for a banking permit.

    In the end, it is us who are left in the middle of the road. PayPal has taken our money by way of charges but they do not want to offer any service.

  4. Signed the petition and I am not sure how much it will be effective but I think this is a good move.

    Also an offtopic suggestion – Your theme is broken in Chrome. Just check that out as well.

  5. RBI people do not know importance of paypal on online business, it is not possible to run a online business without paypal, let RBI official try to do online business without paypal or let them try the business with their latest guidelines, it is not possible to do online business with their latest comic guidelines

    1. That is so true, I 100% agree with you,
      It is almost impossible to do an online startup without Paypal.

      Thanks a lot for your comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

  6. I have been helping people in India solve the Paypal problem through setting up a Hong Kong company which has a Hong Kong bank account tied to a Hong Kong Paypal account which can be operated remotely by the user in India.

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