In this post we want to share several sets of custom animal shapes to be used with Adobe Photoshop application. To try these shapes you just have to click on the links and download them from the authors website. Enjoy!

1. Custom Shapes: Birds

It’s a set of custom made bird shapes to be used with Adobe Photoshop.

2. Sea Creatures

3. Photoshop Custom Shapes Bugs

4. Photoshop Custom Shapes No-1

5.  Horse Photoshop Shapes

Set of horse shape templates for Adobe Photoshop

6. 20 Animal Shapes for Photoshop

In this collection you will find 20 Animal Shadow-Shapes made for Photoshop application

7. Animals by ~H-Vision

8. Lion King Shapes

No need to present what do these custom shapes represent. If you have a design project related to Lion King story, grab these custom shapes for Photoshop.

9.  Photoshop Horse

Set of 15 Horse Photoshop Custom Shapes. Made with Adobe PS7. For Personal use only. Enjoy!

10. Zebra Photoshop Shapes

Another set of horse shapes for Photoshop. This time its Zebra.

11. Animal Prints Photoshop Patterns

These patterns represent various animal prints (18 in total). Including: cheetah, cow, dalmation, plain fur, giraffe, jaguar, leopard, lynx, ocelot, snake, snow leopard, tiger, white tiger, zebra skin print patterns.

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