1. Camping Trip Planner by Jimbl

A camping planner pre-populated with a comprehensive list of items for camping. Configurable camping planner with everything needed for any camping trip. Comes pre-populated with more than 225 camping items. If you are a camping person, this is all you need to ensure you don’t forget anything. Check/uncheck and reuse everytime you go on camping trips. Save all the time typing the camping list. Easy and very intuitive thumb friendly check/uncheck options. The app does NOT request for any permission. It does NOT need internet connection and there are absolutely NO ads. Your privacy is guaranteed. Comes with FREE lifetime updates

2. Waypoint Free by The Droid Dev

Waypoint is a waypoint manager that allows you to save and manage waypoints. Waypoints can be plotted on a map to access information about the waypoint or viewed in Google Maps to access directions or streetviews if available. Waypoint Free by The Droid Dev Create categories to keep your waypoints organized. For example create a Hunting category for all your hunting waypoints, create a Fishing category for all your fishing waypoints, or create a Parking category for parking your car. Categories and Waypoints are all fully manageable: Create, Rename, Move waypoints between categories, and Delete. Waypoint can also notify you when you are within a certain distance of your waypoint by enabling the Proximity Alert feature. With the proximity alert enabled you will receive a system notification indicating your are within the set proximity of your waypoint. This feature can be set in the Edit Notifications menu item. Want to share your location with other friends or send your friends your Waypoints? Use the Share Location and Share Waypoint feature to easily email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc. your locations to your friends. This feature is only available in Waypoint Pro. Free Version is Ad supported. – Car Locator – Fishing Locator – Hunting Locator – Map View – Google Maps Directions/Integration – Radar View – Category Support and Management – Waypoint Management – Compass – Speedometer (mph, km/h, and knots) – Proximity Alert – Bearing between two locations – Distance between two locations (feet, miles, meters, kilometers, and nautical miles) – Latitude/Longitude (Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds format) – 3 Waypoints allowed in Free version

3. WeatherBug for Google Android

WeatherBug offers a free weather application for Google Android. To download, Android users simply need to visit the “News and Weather” category in the Android Marketplace or just search for the keyword “WeatherBug.” Features of the new free application for Google Android include:

  • Live neighborhood weather from over 8,000 weather stations in the U.S.
  • Current weather, forecast and NWS alerts for your GPS location.
  • “Always on” NWS weather alerts such as Tornado warnings even when the WeatherBug app is turned off.
  • 7-day forecast and hourly forecast.
  • Detailed radar and maps.
  • Check the weather on Google Maps by simply touching any area on the map for two (2) seconds.
  • Daily National Weather Outlook broadcast provided by WeatherBug meteorologists.
  • View snapshots and time-lapse animation from more than 2,000 weather cameras in the U.S.
  • Set-up new locations by pulling the location information from your contact list.
  • Share the current weather information, forecast, alerts and photographs with friends and family.

4. Army Survival Guide

Get the entire Army Survival Guide on your phone. Whether you are an avid hunter or outdoors man, or prepping for the Apocalypse this app is for you. Great when you hunt fish trap hike camp or any survival situation. Guaranteed to make you a survivor. Access manual without a network connection. New Version has Bookmarks

5. Camping InstEbook by MiShow Corp

Time to go Camping? Then this app is for you.Campfires, tents, stories, the great outdoors. Save all those fun moments in the outdoors this year in a fantastic photo eBook. Use your Android phone to record your camping trips with photos, descriptions, and maps. Even narrate descriptions by talking, using InstEbooks voice to text. Share your published Camping InstEbook with as many people as you like and save it for you to enjoy on multiple devices. Republish as you add more camping trips. Fun and easy to use.

1. Republish as you add more photos and trips

2. Email your published book right from the app to as many people as you like

3. Custom cover produced from your photos

4. Add map location information to each photo

5. Enjoy viewing on any tablet, computer, or smartphone

6. View with any standard eReader software (epub format)

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