The week on Diggnation it’s a white board epiphany! Check out the new “idea paint” that turns any surface into a dry erase board. Plus, the guys discuss top stories including a crazy Chatroulette stripper turns she-demon, a brand new and sexy turntable, Gmail’s new priority inbox, and 10 hot actresses caught blazing it up!


Idea Paint: Make Any Surface Dry-Erase!

Screw putting up a dry erase board in your home office – turn a whole wall into one with IdeaPaint ($30-$175). This ingenious paint turns anything you can paint into a reusable dry-erase surface, making it great for the office, kitchen, kid’s room, or garage, the latter so you can keep track of how many beers you’ve had while attempting to “fix” that old junker you’ve been tinkering with.

Chatroulette Stripper Turns Into She-Demon

Watch all these guys, looking idiotic at the sight of this pretty girl stripping for them, until she turns into she-devil. I haven’t enjoyed a ChatRoulette trick this much since the snake vs baby chicken flashing boob ruse.

Sort Important Emails with Gmail Priority Inbox

You know the feeling: opening up your e-mail to find hundreds of messages of varying importance. Some are automated reminders from your favorite sites, some are newsletters you have subscribed to, some are actually from real people trying to contact you, and so on. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be overwhelming much of the time, and even the most carefully crafted filters don’t keep up with the ever-changing nature of what’s important to you.

Awesome Denon 100 Turntable!

In celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary, Denon returns to its roots with the Denon 100 Turntable ($2,500). This high-end record player features the company’s high-performance direct-drive turntable technology, compatibility with the new DP-A100 cartridge, a five-year warranty, 100th anniversary logo badges, and a signed certificate of authenticity from the chief production engineer who hand crafted the device. For serious audiophiles or rich, vinyl-crazed hipsters only.

10 Hottest Actresses Blazing Up

Everyone knows marijuana turns people into raving lunatics who’d trade in their own moms for a cheeseburger meal with extra fries. Right? Yet in society’s eyes some folks are permitted to get high on the stuff while a dimmer view is taken of others. Male musicians, for example, get to smoke it without anyone batting an eyelid (“Real f****** high on drugs!”) so why not actresses?

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