1. POPmonitor

Wouldn’t it be great if you could delete unwanted e-mail or spam before it reaches your e-mail application? Or delete messages with large attachments without downloading them to your computer first? Or get rid of messages with viruses attached to them?

Well, POPmonitor lets you do just that!

With POPmonitor you can take a peek inside your mailbox and delete unwanted e-mail without the need to download those messages first. Just login, select the unwanted messages and click ‘Delete’. It’s as simple as that.

2. SpamSieve

SpamSieve is a Macintosh application that filters out unsolicited mass mailings, commonly known as “spam.” Previously, most people just ignored spam messages or created simple rules in their e-mail programs to filter them out. In recent years and months, the spam problem has gotten worse. Today’s spam is harder to detect, and there is more of it.

SpamSieve gives you back your inbox by bringing powerful Bayesian spam filtering to Mac e-mail programs. It’s quick and easy to control SpamSieve from within your mail program, and you can customize how it interacts with the rest of your message sorting rules.

SpamSieve learns what your spam looks like, so it can block nearly all of it. It looks at your address book and learns what your good messages look like, so it won’t confuse them with spam. Other spam filters get worse over time as spammers adapt to their rules; SpamSieve actually gets better over time as it adapts its filtering to your mail.

SpamSieve doesn’t delete any messages—it only moves them to a different folder in your e-mail program—so you’ll never lose any mail. By learning from the very messages that you receive, SpamSieve is able to block nearly all of your junk mail, without putting your good messages in the spam mailbox. SpamSieve works with any number of mail accounts, of whatever types are supported by your e-mail software (e.g. POP, IMAP, Hotmail, AOL). You can even use it with multiple e-mail programs at the same time, for instance if you use one for work mail and one for personal mail.


3. SpamSweep

SpamSweep is an advanced bayesian spam filter with a simple, easy to understand interface. SpamSweep seamlessly combines many filtering technologies, including domain and relay blacklists, sender whitelisting, and a bayesian filter to automatically delete spam messages before they’re downloaded by your email client.

4. JunkMatcher

JunkMatcher is a cocktail-styled spam filter for Mail.app on Mac OS X (10.3.x or later). It filters spam by conducting a wealth of tests over emails. Two types of tests are available: property tests can detect general characteristics of spam using techniques such as naive Bayesian filtering (thanks to SpamBayes) and blacklist lookup (checking if a message was sent from a spamming IP address), and pattern tests can spot keywords such as “v1ägra” or “/Iagr á” by using patterns written in regular expressions, a very powerful language designed just for that – to describe patterns.

5. Internet Security Barrier X6 for Mac

Only Internet Security Barrier X6 provides comprehensive protection from malware, network threats and the many other security issues that Mac users face. Internet Security Barrier X6 includes full anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, parental control, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, backup and antispam features, and much more.

6. ClearmyMail

ClearMyMail’s Spam Blocker offers 100% protection against all spam, phishing, virus and all other junk e-mails.

  • Keep your existing email address
  • No software to download or install
  • Guaranteed to block all spam emails
  • Blocks identity theft, fraud, Phishing & virus emails
  • Compatible with: All Windows (Inc. Xp & Vista), Apple Mac, Linux, Mobile Phones, iPhone & Blackberry

7. Purify 2.3.1

  • Filter email using powerful statistical Bayesian type filter.
  • Filter email by country of origin.
  • Filter embedded websites links by the website’s host country of origin.
  • Filter, accept, or ignore email based on user defined phrases.
  • Accept email from easily imported friends list.
  • Forward valid email to your iPhone, or other SMTP service.
  • Filter image spam.
  • Filter email not addressed to you, or uses incorrect proper name.
  • Report spammers and phishers to their ISPs with a button click!
  • Data feed for Email Compass.
  • Available for Windows, Macintosh (Universal Binary), and Linux.
  • Works with virtually every email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).
  • Supports POP, and POP SSL on all operating systems, on all email clients.
  • Supports IMAP, and IMAP SSL on Macintosh using the included AppleScript filtering method.
  • Use in standalone, or workgroup mode.
  • Workgroup mode supports combo of Windows, Macintosh, Linux users.
  • Macintosh version is fully AppleScript-able.
  • Complete set of AppleScripts are provided.
  • Macintosh version has been tested on new Snow Leopard in 64 bit mode.
  • Windows version has been tested on new Windows 7 in 64 bit mode.

8. Intego Personal Antispam

Personal Antispam is the ultimate spam-fighting tool for Mac OS X. Personal Antispam analyzes your incoming e-mail, determining which messages are spam and which are valid messages, and does so in several ways: by checking a whitelist and blacklist of addresses, examining message headers, content or layout, analyzing URLs in messages, and much more.

Unlike the spam filters provided with e-mail programs such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage or Microsoft Outlook, Personal Antispam is intelligent. When you first install Personal Antispam, its performance is similar to that of the filters included with e-mail programs. But as you use it more and more, having the program learn from your spam and from your legitimate e-mail, Personal Antispam outperforms any spam filter available for Mac.

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