1. Omelion

Omelion – a revolutionized transparent skin –  This is a feature complete, highly customizable, transparent, modern Opera skin with many new icons and clean design with attention to high usability.

2. Z1-Glass

Z1-GlassZ1-Glass is optimzed for Windows Aero. There may be bugs and transparency won’t work with other OS.

3. Affinity 3 – Opera Fan Club

3rd+ update for version 11.01 – The very popular “c00” of Jan Henrik Helmers (its onetime version, with animated tabs and red into panel header), more a very transparent speeddial with the impressive background of Klokotik (his Opera wallpaper). It’s spectacular to see on full-screen (F11). Tested on Opera stable version, in January 2011. Click here to full preview. When changing skins, always restart the application. It’s advisable for a proper installation.

4. Ultra Glass Static 2

Absolutely transparent skin for Windows 7/Vista. ONLY FOR OPERA 11.0*. Skin optimized for Windows Aero. Restart Opera after applying the skin.

In Speed Dial settings it’s better to disable background image.

5. mOI

Unique simplicity that just works

6. V7-Glass

For a basis it is taken skin z1-glass from author Z1-AV69 and corrected some details.All visible elements are modified with the maximum accuracy. The effect of a transparency is applied practically to all elements of “Glass” style. Interface basic have a classical appearance. At icons and interface elements basically used the classical form of “Opera”.

For Opera 10.54/Vista/7.
Version: 5.4.13

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