Holiday shoppers unite!  And I don’t mean in the checkout line!  Although shopping for gifts can be a lot of fun, the sad truth is that it also has the potential to produce high levels of frustration and even higher credit card bills.  So if you’re looking for ways to save this holiday season, not only money but time and stress, as well, here are a few great apps for Apple products that are sure to make your season merrier.

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1.     Price Check by Amazon.  Do you love to purchase everything from media (books, movies, music) to apparel (hoodies, jeans, shoes) to gadgetry, home goods, and even food items (Kindle, Kitchen Aid, Kraft) via the amazing Amazon store online?  There’s no denying they offer great deals over retail prices.  So if you happen to be out shopping and you’re wondering if you could find items cheaper on Amazon, wonder no more.  This free app lets you price compare with the Amazon store by searching a product name (by voice or text), snapping a photo, or scanning a bar code.  You’ll know in seconds if you should buy the product in store or wait and order via Amazon.

2.     RedLaser.  Although Amazon often has great deals on a wide variety of products, they may not always have the best prices out there.  So it’s not a bad idea to hedge your bets with this free download, which allows you to scan any barcode to see if you can get a better price on the product.  The app will search an extensive list of sources, both locally and online to see if you can get a better deal at a nearby store or by ordering through e-tailers.

3.     Groupon.  This deal-of-the-day site is so great on your home computer that it only makes sense to have it as a handy (and free) app to take anywhere.  If you’re looking for deals while you’re on the prowl for gifts, just check in on the go to see what’s on the auction block for the day.  You may secure a spa visit for your mom, toys for the kids, or even a nice lunch for you and your shopping buddy.

4.   The Coupons App.  There are literally dozens of applications that can give you coupons for all types of shopping.  But this freebie is fairly all-encompassing, which makes it a great download for the holiday season.  Not only can you find coupons for the many stores you’ll be visiting to buy gifts, you can also score deals on the gas that gets you from store to store and even savings on snacks to keep your energy high.  You can voice search specific vendors, see what’s been posted since you last checked in, and even share the best deals with all the shopaholics in your life via text, Twitter, or Facebook.

5.     Shopping List Free.  As implied in the name, this handy organizational app will cost you just as much as your free cell phone when you renewed your wireless plan.  And both can provide some much-needed help when you’re out shopping this holiday season.  Rather than getting flustered about what to buy for whom, streamline the process by creating and syncing lists for different stores, organizing them into categories, and checking off items as you go.  Holiday shopping this year can be fast, easy, and cheap when you have the right apps to help you out.

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